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Emet Anxiety Help


Ally L

New member
Nov 4, 2020
Hi everyone. I posted here the other day and you all were so helpful - it was nice to feel supported so thank you all.

I am dealing with some other severe symptoms and I wondered if anyone else has dealt with similar and have any advice. I am emetophobic, badly, and since my stomach issues/anxiety started a few weeks ago, have been basically locked inside my home barely able to move or do anything. I am not even nauseous all the time, but instead, have this awful "sense" per say that I am about to vomit. It's just a feeling, and it's constant. I can barely move off the couch.

My stomach is also queasy, and if I look at anything, or go to do something, am overcome with this nausea in the pit of my stomach and sick feeling between my eyes that stops me from moving. What is this, and how do I make it stop?

does anyone think dramamine will help? I really, really do not want to v*.


Well-known member
Forum Guide
Nov 10, 2019
I'm sorry i don't know what dramamine is but it sounds like you need to try ways to calm your anxiety. I think a simple walk outside in the fresh air calms me down and makes me feel less anxious. It is a distraction too.


Well-known member
Jul 25, 2021
Please try Fresh Air ,,even a little walk,,it does miles good,,it helps me,,hope it helps you. Try it.:hug:
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