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eh... my wee story.



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Apr 6, 2010
quite hard to begin but i feel i must talk about it, even if no-one listens...
excuse the bad english... i'm an electrical engineering student...

Hi, I'm Scott. 22yo and BP II apparently... diagnosed 2months ago... put on a 6-12month monotherapy course of fluoxetine and regularly appointments with GP and mental health specialist. So far so good I spose, seem to have momentarily stabilised. but yeh... I managed to somehow refuse medication or even tell anyone how bad its been untill my 2nd severe depression episode which began mid january (the first being 3 years ago, lasted 7months and make me leave uni and lose nearly all my friends). Generally I tend to get sporadic episodes of roughly 3month intervals ranging from hating, well..., everything... to being a flamboyant camp prancing pansy, constantly jumping between an endless array of social circles and matching array of personalities to suit which I felt best, completely ignoring friends in others of course during said time. That along with the spetaculary oxymoron of an arrogant extroverted self-loathing pessimistic brain I find myself having... It's been this way for the last approx 5years and I've never really understood which of the rather varied personalities I genuinely am.

Basically... has anyone else been so taken aback by there diagnosis and feel like they almost have to start again adulthood again? I know most of you will have been diagnosed at an older age and am aware how, in a sense, lucky I am to have been so young, but I honestly have lost all concept of who I actually am and have a lot of random questions boiling away in my brain... Do I just wait n see what personality I tend to with therapy? How do I deal with losing friends who I know wouldn't accept me as a different self... should I just count them as shallow and not care? What if I don't like who I become? What if my, episode forced, multi-personalities never go away?? Has my own opinion/judgement been tainted by years of the disorder i.e should I rerun every important conversation I've ever had? I honestly don't feel like I have the right to an opinion anymore... I dunno... could go on forever, I mean stuff like I haven't been able to keep a stable girlfriend or even "perform" on so many random occassions due to anxiety, or general have a stable "best friend" really gets me down... but this'll do for now before I bore you to death. Sorry it's long...

Thanks for reading and any replies, please do not feel obligated.



I am manic, I am panic, I am speed,
I am tension tight, taunt,
I am the cause of your emotional need,
I am the memories that always haunt,
I am pain magnified,
I am sorrow that never dies,
I am the demon of your self worth,
I am your curse since birth,
I am waiting every day, so cold and gray,
I am curses stitched to your soul,
I am the monster who loses control,
Whispering, roaring in your ear,
I am you, I am your fear...

They wait, they plot,
they roar and act out their needs,
I am lost inside my soul bleeds,
who cries, who laughs, who must be fought?
I am legion am I not?
Scared beyond hope,
I struggle, I try to cope ?
I listen as they clatter,
what is real, do I matter,
Who am I ?
am I they??
No answer, no peace, catcher in the rye,
a chorus in a mad play,


All you've said is very sad and moving your life is not your own??
wish I could help but I think only the medical people can ??
I hope you can find some peace in time??
all the best



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Apr 5, 2010
aww dear im only 21 & ive not got a cluee who really am! I got dianosed last august im bi polar one.. im onlu 7.5 olanzapine... 600 carbamazapine & 40 fluxotine!!.xxx