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effexor? i'm off of it and have turned into a .......



New member
Jul 18, 2009
i need help. i have just stopped taking effexor rx 75mg a day for 3 years, down to 37.5 mg a day for 1 month and now cold turkey.....

i have turned into a raging wet mop. my family is walking on eggshells, i am raging and then so full of remorse that i am then sobbing uncontrollably.

is this normal? i thought i would have some withdrawl symptoms, headaches, sweating etc. but not this.....

its as if all of my emotions were cut off with the effexor and now that i am off of it, they are pouring out uncontrollably.

my psychiatrist said to give it up to six weeks to see if i can handle it....i don't know if my family can handle it...

is this normal?:scared:
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