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Effects of anxiety and depression?



New member
Aug 14, 2020

So I have probably had depression for awhile and anxiety not as long but more recent. However my depression certainly got more real and severe recently. As I was escaping depression new world I was trying to enter hit me everything I've missed while being depressed which led to a new level of depression and worry and sadness and anxiety.

Anyway for the first time I have had pretty noticeable physical implications...

I feel older suddenly. I am now obsessed by age and scared of getting older. I feel like I look older. Suddenly as a guy who had a very fast metabolism and didn't put on weight almost no matter what...suddenly I'm gaining weight despite not really eating that much only in the abdomen area like a beer belly without the beer....

It's also extra panic and worry to me...and I have no idea if this is reversible is this normal....have I ruined my body through stress? Any helpful ideas or experienced people? Thanks


Well-known member
Dec 26, 2015
hi Liam depression sucks no one really understands it and yes it can take its toll on your physical body. there is nothing you can do about getting older all you can do is to let that thought go and maybe think of ways of improving your lifestyle. yes im afraid that is the situation when you get older. you have to well i have had to ...reasses your life. no longer the youthful naive mindset that somehow got us through life.


Well-known member
Apr 22, 2018
Are you moving less than before ? Depression tends to make people stay more in bed, or couch, also to eat more, also to dont want to walk.
Are you having any of that ?
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