ED taking control again



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Feb 23, 2019
Melbourne, Australia
Hi, I'm new here and just looking for some one to talk to/listen to me who hopefully understands.
Some days ED makes my life so difficult I don't want to leave the house or see anyone.
I feel so alone and empty.

About 18 months ago I started seeking help, I saw a therapist and found her useless. She couldn't remember my occupation, what I did in my life, nothing about me specifically.
So I stopped seeing her and asked my boyfriend (who is also a nutritionist) to help me. Since then I have tried to follow different meal plans only to fail over and over again.
I also decided to go vegan for ethical reasons (and after being vegetarian for 2 years).

I feel like I'm never making any progress, does anyone else ever get like this?


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Feb 28, 2018
Recovery is absolutely possible but you have to be all in and it doesn't sound like you're there yet. So you had a bad therapist? My first one was ineffective too but then I found someone really good. Or you could get into a treatment program and work with therapists who specifically treat eating disorders. But it's very unlikely that anyone can just jump in and start eating without facing the issues that got you here in the first place. In fact your diet is becoming more restrictive!
So you might start by asking yourself what you really want. Do you want to recover badly enough to eat normal meals and gain weight? Are you ready to part company with your constant companion?
I can tell you this--recovery from an eating disorder takes a lot of work but it's totally worth it because eventually all the thoughts fade until one day they're just gone and you're free.
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