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Eating Disorders in Middle Age and the Elderley



BBC 1 aired a programme on 28th April which raised the topic of Eating Disorders among older women.


Although I do have some issues with the way they broadcast the programme I think they are to be commended in challenging our views of the public conception that eating disorders are exclusive to teenagers and young persons, and that they are all about the pursuit of being thin/looking like models.

From personal experience I had an eating disorder as a teenager which I fully accepted, however after ten years of being fairly well with peaks and troughs I refused to acknowledge that it had come back some ten years later. In fact because I was so convinced that it could not happen to someone of my age I refused treatment for it. The other reason I refused treatment was because I thought I would only be amongst other patients that were teenagers or young adults, and was embarrassed by the prospect of being much older than them. It was not until I was forced to go into hospital that I was shocked to discover that many other patients were my age and much older! When i went to a day centre following, I was in fact at one point the youngest person there!

I wish I had seen this programme earlier as it may have prevented my fears of embarassment and my denial of my illness!

Following the programme I discovered some information which seems to indicate that eating disorders are also prevalent in the elderly. Perhaps the next step for the BBC is to shed some light on this little publicised subject.

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The only failure in the BBC programme is that it did not highlight the issues of eating disorders in Middle Aged Men. However there seems to be little coverage of eating disorders in young men and male teenagers, which I can see is slowly changing, but not quick enough for my liking!
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Aplogies, I don't seem to be able to edit the above thread, I just wanted to say that before you take a look at the first link, for some it may be a trigger for some persons as it does detail personal details of individuals eating disorders and behaviours.