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Your Way
InSpire - the Crypt at St Peter's
Liverpool Grove
London SE17 2HH
(please note the above is not a postal address)

Postal Address:
c/o Ross Baker
12 Old Street

Call/Text: 07793443362

Drop In Session: Fri 1:00pm-3;00pm

Accessing Your Way is designed to be as easy and straight forward as possible. We aim to make support genuinely self-directed for everyone we work with.
Your Way works alongside individuals as they overcome obstacles and move forward with their life. This might include:
  • Managing mental health
  • Entering education
  • Returning to work
  • Finding new hobbies and social activities
  • Solving housing issues
  • Making friends
  • Organising finances
  • Reducing need for mental health services

What we offer:
  • Bespoke one-to-one support to help individuals achieve their recovery goals.
  • Person-centred planning, using Recovery Star, WRAP Plan or other tailored tools.
  • Support to improve physical and mental wellbeing, access work, leisure, education and training opportunities.
  • Links with organisations, networks and peers across the local community.
  • An open-minded approach, and a service built on the principles of user leadership and excellent customer service.
  • Tailored support via personal budgets, direct payments, spot purchase and self-funders.
  • Peer support and peer support training.
  • Tailored volunteer opportunities.
  • A flexible programme of service user led groups and activities in the community.



F.E.E.L (Friends of East End Loonies)

The LARC Centre
62 Fieldgate Street
E1 1ES

020 7790 0269

Every third Monday of each month 6.30-8.30pm

F.E.E.L. (Friends of East End Loonies) is a radical, independent group open to service users, carers and professionals.

Our aim is to rise more awareness on the "Psychiatry Cosh", higlighting the damage of an over-medicalised system, and empower people in finding their best solutions in managing their mental health/distress.

Drop in


East London

Hidden Universe of Self Harm (H.U.S.H)

Christ Church
Manchester Road
E14 3BN

020 7093 1299
07709 612 847

H.U.S.H is held every Thursday, 4.00pm – 6.00pm, and members also go on outings.

H.U.S.H. is a fully user-led self-harm support group based in East London. It is for anybody over the age of 16, male or female, who self harms.

HUSH began 10yrs ago when Psychologist Dr Rufus May who was working for the community Mental Health Team on the Isle Of Dogs in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets realised the potential of mutual support among Self-Harmers being benefical.

Members of the support group will also have access to 24/7 phone support. The support phone number will be given to individuals once they become a member of the group.

If anybody would like support but would prefer not to meet in a group setting, they can get in touch with Susan Dean – and she will be happy to meet individuals on a one-to-one basis at a place that suits them.


East London

Mad Poets Speak

Twitter: @madpoetsspeak
Tel: 07815308770

A Monthly open mic spoken word event for people who have experienced mental distress directly, or indirectly, in whatever form. Whether you write poems, prose, scribble your thoughts on napkins or just want to read others' pems that resonate with you, your voice is welcome. You do not need to be an established writed or performer, just simply someone with something to say. Not a writer? Then please come and listen and bring your friends, we need an audience!
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