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Easing Lockdown Anxiety



New member
Mar 31, 2021
Last year, when the pandemic began to ease, my anxiety got worse than ever. My partner moving out after living with me in lockdown, coupled with the loss of a loved one and the sudden social events all combined to leave me a shaking mess. I was unable to eat solid foods as my anxiety hits me in my stomach mainly. It was a horrific few months and I’ve been through a lot of therapy since then.

Now, I’m concerned it’s going to happen again. I am much more aware of my thoughts now thanks to various therapy and self help guides, and I’m sure my anxiety can never ever catch me off guard again, but this situation feels so similar to last time. The pressure to get back involved in life and socialising is huge (I’m a young student) but most of it revolves around alcohol, which of course heightens the symptoms anyway.

I know I should be challenging the ‘what if I get terrible again?’ with evidence for and against but there’s evidence for it happening this time and that’s overwhelming. Anyone feeling anything similar?


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
hi b3tty :welcome: !

yes I can relate.

Does there really have to be a big pressure
to involve yourself at the student bar ?
it might be possible to let yourself off the hook
go to the coffee shop and look for someone shy to talk to

maybe there is also a student counsellor that would be good to see

I hope you find the forum helpful

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