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early intervention team??



Jul 13, 2008
what on earth is the point of the early intervention team??

This is the second time i have spoken to one such team in the space of one year and been told I'm probably not suitable for their services. So far as i can work out they offer approx 3 years of support to overcome first episodes of psychosis. I'm sorry to say I've been psychotic myself, and this is not the first time. If I'm not suitable why have i been referred? Is this an automatic 'just in case' referral? Or a simple assessment to see if I am in fact suitable for this or other services? Does this in turn affect whether I will be assessed by a Psy Doc? Its bad enough being told that if I am assessed I'll have to go on a waiting list for god knows how long, much worse not being assessed at all, again. gggggggrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


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May 30, 2008
First thing, don't apologise for having a psychotic episode. In terms of early intervention teams they tend to be oversubscribed and so it can be difficult to secure a visit/assesment and subsequently I have found it hard to secure proper support. My experience of them, as a referer, is that they are very rigid in terms of what they offer and can be unreliable. My experience of them as a user was that they are unhelpful. I was too ill really to use the level of service they offered at the time. The best thing is a good and understanding psychiatrist. My last 2 have been great.
Best wishes.
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