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ear infection



I woke up at about five am this morning with itchiness in my ear and it closing up over and over again and my hearing dulled. I rang NHS 111 and in the end, after going through lots of questions, the man at the end of the phone line told me to go to a local pharmacy at 8am this morning for advice. I went and its closed till 10 am. I hope its not going to be really expensive, because normally I get free prescriptions and I'm trying to save what I can.

Time for a cup of coffee and a slice of toast. I hope that my life will get significantly better.


Jul 21, 2013
Hope you managed to get some good treatment. :hug1:



Just to update - for something to do as I'm awake in the night (!) - NHS 111 gave me the wrong advice - told me to go to pharmacist (and told me wrong opening time). When I saw pharmacist she said that she couldn't help me and that I would need to see a doctor to get a prescription for antibiotics.

The itchiness subsided pretty quickly and was just left with hearing loss - didn't bother to go back to doctor as its so hard to get an appointment (getting past receptionist and waiting half the day for time) and I didn't want to let them down volunteering.
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