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dysthymia and exercise.



New member
Oct 1, 2008
i was diagnosed with dysthymia and gad.am 32.does anyone have a similar problem.ive exercised ever since i was at school.i run 4 times a week and lift wieghts when i can.i eat several small meals a day and healthy.dont smoke take supplments.but i was always tired and low on energy.i now know why.i remeber my friends used to say we dont do any exerciseing at all and dont eat healthy etc but we have more energy than you.i never understood but now i do.it really isnt fair does anyone have any advice.on how to increase energy am doing everything i can.


Unfortunately lack of energy generally goes hand in hand with any depressive illness. If you're doing all you can then that's good but don't give yourself a hard time - acceptance of your limitations can be a good liberator.
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