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dying - warning topic may TRIGGER



Well-known member
Mar 28, 2014
I'm posting about this because I'm really not looking forward to this, basically because of having diabetes. My grandmother passed of a stroke due to diabetes and took three days to die. In that time she was with family in the hospital, and it took family to flag up with the nurses that she was moving and making a sound, which a nurse explained meant that she was in distress so they kept giving her a drug when it happened. I believe that she basically died of thirst since they did not give her any fluids.

I know this is a morbid topic, but each one of his will die at some point and I guess everybody hopes for a peaceful passing.

A big reason I am concerned about it is because I live alone, and no one would pick up that anything had happened to me for perhaps a week or so.

I just want to talk it through to see if there's anything I can do about it.


Hi apple, it is scary looking to the future.I turned 50 this year and was more aware of my mortality.
I live alone too, no children of my own to look after me.I wonder who will care and who will look after me when i am too old and infirm or if I die from one of my illnesses, it is likely to be diabetes complications or whether I will end up on the Liverpool Care Pathway.That is what worries me the most being put on that and starved of food and fluids and dying of thirst and starvation.a horrible way to go.
But then I realize there is too much scaring myself worrying about what is to come and being scared of something when there is no guarantee that is what will happen.Hopeful as I grow old I will maintain my independence and still be able and capable of looking after myself.Also hopefully the younger generations will care for and respect their elderly and that means me and you when we get there!
You can do something I think to keep active, and look after your health, also make sure you make friends or at least have regular visits to you by either a family member, or a carer or even the milkman.I have home help comes once a week, so if anything wrong that wouldn't go unnoticed and now I still see family regularly.You can't predict the future though but I guess if we stay on top of things and sort them as they happen then we will be safe and ok.We are all going to go sometime though and that won't change however much we anticipate and prepare!