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Drowsiness and Apiprazole(Abilify)



May 11, 2009
Has anyone else experienced extreme drowsiness with aripiprazole and if so does it wear off?

I've been taking it now (for a second attempt after I had different problems the first time) for a fortnight and I have found that I am so drowsy during the day that it's making it difficult for me to function. I can literally doze off while standing up. I fell asleep in the toilet at lunchtime today. I have to keep physically active all the time or else I fear that I'll drop off and embarrass myself. I'm restless and impatient anyway. I'm getting plenty of sleep so it's not that I'm tired. I'm also unalert and feel a bit dazed.

Has anyone else experienced this? Does it wear off with time?
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Sep 22, 2008
Not with abilify only olanzapine.Be careful driving if your meds make you drowsy.
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