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Driving and anxiety



New member
Mar 26, 2021
Firstly, hello. This is my first post.

I really enjoy driving, but constantly worry my driving being caught on dashcam and reported... I don't even drive dangerously and I feel I'm a fairly good driver.

Today, for example, I overtook someone on the left along a one way street (perfectly legal). I pulled back into the right hand lane and they flashed me... don't know why because I didn't cut them up or anything. It has been constantly on my mind and I've been watching the dashcam footage back a few times and still can't find anything I done wrong.

I posted the footage on a driving group on Facebook, and someone highlighted that I was a little above the speed limit... I hit 33mph on a 30mph road whilst overtaking (not intentionally or knowingly!). Another highlighted it was dangerous driving to overtake on the left (it isn't in this circumstance) and that I could be prosecuted. I deleted it pretty much straight after...

It's made my anxiety flare up really bad. I'm thinking the worst, like I'm going to get reported to the police.

All this nonsense and constantly worrying takes the enjoyment out of driving. It sounds silly I know, but does anyone else experience the same?


Well-known member
Jan 1, 2021

I think that if you feel you drive safely and you keep a dash cam to prove your innocence in case anything did happen, then you have nothing to worry about. It sounds like you know your road rules well and in all honesty it's very difficult to stay at exactly the speed limit unless you have cruise control so I wouldn't worry about the "speeding" - people are just being nit-picky.

One thing that helps with my anxiety is to consider, what is the worst that could happen? In your instance, even if the worst case scenario did happen and you were reported, you have proof of your innocence which is great that you have taken the time to put that in place, for your own peace of mind. You know that what you did was legal, and if it's legal and you have proof of what you did (video) over someone's word then you are fine. Plus, there is a concerning amount of people out there that don't know the road rules and drive wrong then get upset at others for driving properly. I remember being overtaken on a blind corner once, despite driving at the speed limit, and got flashed afterwards. People are wrong sometimes and that's not on you to worry about :)

Reassure yourself, think of the things you've seen others do and get away with, you sound like a very mindful and conscientious driver so you're already doing better than many others ;)


Well-known member
May 30, 2019
Overtaking on the left is perfectly legal on a one way street, as you say.

Very few people have dashcams, so I doubt they had one. Even if they did you did nothing wrong.

Save your dashcam footage of the journey in the, vanishingly unlikely, event you need it.

I understand a complainant would still need to go to Court to testify against you, just that dashcam footage would obviate the need for an independent witness.

No one is prosecuted for anything less than 10%+2, so 33 would be below that threshold.

For information, I have been a regular poster on a motoring legal board for 17 years.
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