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drip drip drip



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Mar 30, 2012
terminal velocity
heads bloody spangled but need to say not been about for a while and kinda belive life works on karma system so just ctrl + w plz.

such a random night done well for a while canny even remember the last time sh even came into a thought that i wasny able to control, but tonight for what ever reason thats taking a running leap and all my brain can think about is the dripping only thing that seems will quench the thirst been actively seeking destruction for so long wether be by using a substance but generally all were unwanted, knew what ever i got hold of wouldny be good enough feel like i almost being punished with these thoughts been so screwed for so long starting to loose track from what nightmare would happen if my hand got hurt nearly made me throw up was so fucking real (or though warped or maybe just the oocd but did wonder if that would satisfy the thoughts) and this shit just been constant some times able to ignore but generally havny had a hope at suppressing it just getting so fucking disturbing unsure what the hell to do with it :cry2: but the fact i can still hide it from those closest to me makes me shake my head even more but they didny question why i am like that or any of that shit maybe avoiding them isny the best choice but just didny ken what the fuck else to do and no one to talk to about it. Seems its coming to a crashing end ken i canny keep fighting but canny just give in :cry2:
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Hey, good to hear from you :)
You sound in a bad way but doh...
Sorry things are so so bad. Wish could help but cant at this time.