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Drinking on Bipolar Meds



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Apr 15, 2020
London, UK
Hi everyone,

I am currently taking Lamictal 200mg in the morning and Aripiprazole 5mg at night. I don't drink that much these days, but I still do enjoy going for a beer with friends. However, when I do, I find that I get a lot more drunk than I usually would. I feel very mentally slowed down and out of it even after 2-3 drinks. Is that normal? Will it pass as my body gets used to the meds, or is it something that I have to avoid.
Anyone has any tips on coping with this?

Thanks in advance


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Jul 8, 2019
I had a similar issue since being on meds
I decided to go for a few sessions to AA
which was amazing actually
although I'm not a regular member
it just showed me how to do not drinking

there is no need to commit to AA
in order to use it

now I can choose whether to pick up a drink
and currently I dont

:grouphug: 🐢🎼


Active member
Jun 27, 2020
That seems to line up with the side effects of taking Aripiprazole and drinking. I can't say if it will pass, but I can say that I don't experience these effects, so maybe there is a chance?
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