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Drastic measures through and through



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Sep 23, 2013
I’m trying to make sense of why I’m struggling at present. How can you avoid high levels of anxiety? What can I do, aside from take more medication?

I have a deadline on the 28th of this month and I am relying on others to help me meet that deadline as it’s a collaborative project. I cannot do their jobs because I am not specialised in those areas, so the most I can do is continue to nag them. But I’m finding myself ignored. And now I wonder why I worked so hard to try to meet this deadline. I self-funded more than AUD$15000 on this project and people don’t realise how hard it was for me to earn that money. My secret source of income has been stripping, and as people don’t know that, they don’t recognise the struggle I faced in coming up with the funds for this project. Perhaps that is the reason for their blaze and casual attitudes. What am I to do? Sacrifice this deadline? What about all the work we put in so far?

One of my greatest issues right now is my lack of sufficient sleep. Once I wake up, I cannot go back to sleep without sleeping pills.

I posted here a few days ago regarding my problems with interpersonal relationships. If I am close to someone, I share my emotional struggles with them. I don’t talk about needing to analyse my positive emotions, because they don’t need analysing - I don’t have problems with them. I talk about my negative mental states because those are the ones I need to make sense of, and who else to share this with other than your closest friends? But if I do so, I am ostracised for it. Sharing your personal struggles seems to imply to others that you think you are the only one with problems, and that is so far from the truth. I recognise that everyone, without a shadow of a doubt, has problems like mine. I simply have more extreme reactions to the same problems. Should I perhaps warn friends that I don’t intend for it the be interpreted this way, is that really necessary? Or perhaps I should not share my problems with others as they tend to find it so burdensome.

I'm getting to a point where I want to do something impulsive, something that I can control. I could buy a one-way ticket overseas and only return when I want to/am ready to. Or I wonder if I could rid of my social media and mobile. I am tempted to run away or isolate myself. Or I wonder if I should do something drastic with my personality and/or appearance to imply that people should take me more seriously.
Purple Chaos

Purple Chaos

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Oct 23, 2014
Hi, sorry to hear about your issues and concerns. I just wondered, could you not point out to these people the struggles and sacrifices you have made and money you have spent on the project?

Regarding your friends, don't give up on sharing your problems. No, it shouldn't be necessary to warn friends but, if you feel they're getting the wrong impression of you, perhaps just start off with something like, 'I know there are many others with problems but I really need to talk about something that's on my mind...' and take it from there.

Personally, I believe that friends should support each other regardless and not ostracise you for speaking about your worries.

Take care.