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Dorset Mental Health Advocacy

29-29A Durngate Street

01305 261483
[email protected]

We can:
  • Offer support to accepted clients at meetings, court appearances, tribunals, ward rounds and Care Programme Approach (CPA) reviews
  • Help make official complaints and prepare documents
  • Help you express your point of view to the right people and get your voice heard
  • Find expert advice, and liaise with official agencies - including benefits agencies
  • Ensure you are treated in accordance with your rights

We will aim to return your call within 5 working days and, if you wish, visit you as soon as possible after our call.

Although anyone can ask a DMHA to visit you, including your nearest relative or a health professional, it is your choice if you wish to meet with one or not.

Self Referral


Weymouth & Portland

The Oak Tree Club

Southill Community Centre
137 Radipole Lane

[email protected]

The Oaktree Club is a social group and registered charity, for people with mental health difficulties who live in the borough of Weymouth & Portland in Dorset, run by its members (a form of self help group).

We meet once a week on Friday evenings at the Southill Community Centre in Radipole Lane in Weymouth. We hold regular events throughout the month including, trips to the cinema, bowling evenings and Sunday lunches. We also have day trips away, to Parks, Museums, Cities and Towns.

For people who have not been to the club before, we have a range of activities which are available on a Friday night, including a meal, social networking and a raffle drawn at the end of the night which all members are entered into. There is plenty of tea and coffee to oil the wheels, and cards, board games and chess for those that wish to play.



Drop in Peer Support Group

Peer Support Project
Dorset Mental Health Forum,
29-29A Durngate Street,

01305 257172
[email protected]

The Dorchester Peer Support Group is held on a Friday from 10am to 12pm in The Gallery beneath the Dorset Mental Health Forum offices in Durngate Street. Another group runs from 7.30pm to 9pm on Wednesday evenings, again at The Gallery beneath the Forum offices.

They are informal gatherings where you will find a warm welcome and support from people with an intimate knowledge and understanding of issues relating to mental health. There is free tea and coffee available and if you're really lucky, who knows, maybe some biscuits or a bun!

Drop in Service



Bridport Moving On Group

Jilly Jakeman
Moving On Group Facilitator
07503 547152

Moving On is a social group for people who have suffered from the devastating effects of serious long-term mental illness in the Bridport area.

There are a range of social activities, from art, to keep fit and board games. Perhaps most important of all, tea and coffee is available in an informal setting where members can relax and chat together.

Moving On continues to meet the needs of its members for a supportive, safe and enjoyable meeting place. The group meets on a Tuesday between 10.30am - 1.30pm at Bridport Youth and Community Centre in Gundry Lane - a stairlift for wheelchair access is available.

The group is much appreciated by its attendees and they feel it supports them in a number of ways. One of the initiators of the group understood and recognised the need for people who experience the effects of long-term mental health issues to be able to support each other through this shared experience without the fear of being judged or misunderstood.

The Moving On group has a simple formula that works. The group was set up in response to the need for people to have a place to meet and share and can benefit from each other's support. In Recovery terms Moving On certainly meets the criteria for an environment that empowers people and supports positive change.



Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre

01202 308855 - Telephone Helpline

Helpline Opening times :-
Day Time Covered by:
Monday 1.00pm to 3.00pm Female volunteers
Tuesday 10.00am to 12.00pm Female volunteers
Wednesday 7.30pm to 9.30pm Female & Male volunteers
Thursday 7.30pm to 9.30pm Female & Male volunteers
Friday 7.30pm to 9.30pm Female volunteers
Saturday 4.00pm to 6.00pm Female volunteers

Dorset Rape Crisis Support Centre (DRCSC) is a voluntary organisation run for men, women, young people over 16 who have been raped or sexually abused.

What is Counselling and Emotional support?
Counselling and Emotional support provides you with an opportunity to explore feelings, thoughts and behaviours that are overwhelming you or that you want to understand and /or change. You will have regular meetings with a person who has been trained to listen carefully to what you say. DRCSC operates a person-centred approach, using different styles of working, but there are some core values and principles such as respect for your individuality and privacy.

Telephone Helpline
The telephone helpline will often be the first point of contact for survivors of sexual violence. Some callers may prefer to use the telephone listening service alone, but should you wish to meet with a volunteer for face to face emotional support you can request that your contact details are passed on to the Clinical Lead.

Counselling and Emotional Support face to face
Survivors wishing to meet face to face will be offered an initial assessment with the Clinical Lead, or a suitably experienced counsellor on behalf of the Clinical Lead, to discuss which part of the service will best meet your need for support. You will be offered 6 weekly appointments initially, after which the process will be reviewed at regular intervals.

How long will it take to feel better?
Everyone is unique so it is not possible to say how long it may take. It is essential therefore that it is reviewed with you at regular intervals and the number of sessions extended for a longer term if appropriate.

Where will it take place?
All emotional support work takes place at our new centre based in Poole town centre. You will be given details of where we are located.

What about confidentiality?
DRCSC is a confidential service. We intend to provide the highest level of confidentiality and all information remains within the organisation. We will never disclose information to anyone outside the organisation. We would only contact outside agencies or talk to third parties in any circumstances with your permission.

However, if the worker feels that someone under 18 is at risk of serious harm or abuse, they might have to pass on your information to other agencies because we work to Dorset wide Child Protection procedures. Most other organisations work to similar ethical procedures.
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