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Don't waste your time taking antioxidant supplements after exercise



Well-known member
Mar 23, 2009
Posted by Mayur Ranchordas Jan 22 2018

The antioxidant market is big business and millions of pounds are spent every year on antioxidant supplements – such as vitamin A, C and E – as well as fruit and vegetable extracts and juices.

Antioxidants are so popular – particularly among people who do a lot of exercise – because it is believed they help to reduce muscle soreness after exercise. It is thought that by taking antioxidant supplements in doses much higher than the recommended amounts, muscles recover quicker by reducing some of the harmful effects of exercise.

Don't waste your time taking antioxidant supplements after exercise

What do those here who exercise a lot think ?


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Founding Member
Jan 7, 2008
i never heard of antioxidents helping with exercise, one antioxident is vitamin e, the psychiatrist said if your worried about tardive dyskinesia take vitamin e, i take it occassionally also heard it helps with social anxiety and alcoholism, it does clear my skin