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Don't know what to do



New member
Sep 23, 2014
This is a post mainly about my girlfriend and me trying to help her through it.

In short she has a very hard time eating any meal and there is no evident biological cause. Eating makes her feel sick to her stomach. In the mornings (and often through out the day) she purges to feel better. In addition to this she is constantly on edge. If the littlest thing goes wrong I have to convince her just to keep going and not give up. It almost feels like she's given up hope on everything.

I love this woman to death and I'm at the end of my wits with what to do or how I can best support her. I've tried brining it up to her and she insists she is getting better, but, she just keeps going In the same cycles. The idea of leaving her isn't even In my mind, I just want to help her the best way I can.
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Well-known member
Aug 24, 2014

You sound like an excellent supportive partner.

It does sound like a psychiatric issue, but it may be important to get a very in depth phsycial examination and blood tests just to make sure she is physically healthy.

Sounds like some sort of eating disorder and / or depressive illness, this may be wrong which is why its important a professional accessment is done.

Does she worry about her weight? Does she feel guilty about eating? You don't think she is suffering from bulimia? (that's like anorexia where people eat then purge deliberately after to try and avoid putting on weight).

Definitely sounds like a complex case.

I hope your girlfriend is open to getting professional help to try and identify the cause?

If she is significantly underweight, malnourished or expressed suicidal idealization then emergency help might be warranted.

I am sorry I can't offer any great advice, this is not the sort of situation I have had very much experience in.

But thank goodness she has you.

You said she insists she is getting better, and if you feel she is not, then this could be considered denial. If she is in denial this can be very difficulty to work with. You could discreetly call a mental health help line and try and get counseling/advice on how to best handle her. I am not sure the best way to handle a person that perhaps is not admitting there is a problem.

Whatever happens wish you and your girlfriend the very, very best. Really hope the situation turns around for you. I am sure other people can offer better advice on this topic than me, some people here have personal experience with such problems. I myself over eat, I'm a binge eater with depression.

This website seems to have a bit of information, I just quickly found it through google:

National Eating Disorders Collaboration: Eating Disorders in Australia
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Well-known member
May 17, 2012
See if you can convince her to get a full medical check up. It may be medical, but only a doctor can diagnose. As far as the depression goes.....lack of nutrition can contribute greatly to the feeling of hopelessness. You sound like a great person and you're girlfriend is very lucky. Lee