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Dont know what to do.



New member
Sep 12, 2009
Ok. This is like literally the first time I've gone to look for advice. I dont really know where to start. Basically, I'm 21, and since I was like 12 I've had on and off depression. Completely out the blue lull's. I'm also extremely shy and introvert.

I've not been suicidal (have thought about it - but would never do it). My lack of confidence has effected me in every way. For instance, my English GCSE (which is pretty vital) was a disaster. I couldnt speak infront of the class, so I got a fail. Subsequently I've had to make do with different university etc..

I have a fair amount of friends. Its hard for me to make friends and feel completely comfortable around them though (which is the case at uni). When i'm around other shy people I'm actually fairly loud, because I dont feel like they could judge me.

So basically, I think its a mix of depression and lack of confidence (hence the shyness) which is really effecting me.

I've bought self help books. They are pretty much useless.

I've come to the conclusion that I need to see a doctor and get some help. Ideally I'd like some Prozac anti depressants, as I've heard good feedback on it in relation to helping both depression and confidence.

How do I go about getting help then? Do I ring my local GP and ask to make an appintment? Or do I phone a specialist person?

If I were to explain to the doctor about all my problems, would they likely give me Prozac (or something similar) straight away? Or is there lots of faff involved whereby I need to do loads of the stuff...?

Its really hard to articulate my feelings as soo much has happened.



Sep 2, 2009
Northern Ireland
If you are still in university you could try making an appointment with their councelling service, who will be able to give you some advice. Sometimes its good to just have someone you can talk to without any fear of consequence. If not, you should probably go to your GP if you want therapy.

I have found out there is a 12 month waiting list for therapists though so you should probably get on it as soon as possible. Personally, I'm calling my doctor and making an appointment tomorrow to get on it.

You are lucky you have friends. I don't have any, which makes changing my behaviour a lot harder since I will need to make some. I've only recently got the will together to start facing my problems but I intend to defeat and if I can do it so can you. Good luck.

Anastassia Florine

Active member
Jun 15, 2009
My bf went to the college shrink to get Prozac when he was 17. :) There usually is a college shrink.

I'm 21 too, and thankfully my social anxiety is knocked out now. But when I was 19, and even times last year, I had it something awful.
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