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Don't know what to do - Isolation and feeling like an outsider.



Dec 17, 2009
I suffer from depression and possibly social anxiety, I haven't had a friend in nearly 10 years. I have just finished college and have been thinking about doing volunteer work soon, especially as there are basically no leisure activities scheduled here during the day.

Isolation and feeling like an outsider for so long helped cause my depression and so far I don't feel like I've made any progress in this area (barely spoke to anyone at college).
I'm in my mid 20s and would like to TRY to get to know people of similar age and to develop my confidence.
Does volunteering sound like a good idea and can anyone suggest what to volunteer as, considering my background?




Voluntary work outdoors might be an idea if you like being outside, I suffer from anxiety and depression myself and have done conservation work before. You are with people but the atmosphere is not claustrophobic, too stressful, or dull (like it might be in a charity shop.) You learn a lot too and get fresh air and exercise. There should be a local conservation project (I did work in Suffolk countryside but town and cities'll have them too.) You also don't have to talk to people every second, but it is very friendly and of course as you are a volunteer they are very appreciative of the help. it's a good time to work outside too! There are people all ages there, I'm in my early twenties but there are usually people from around my age to people in their fifties. I ended up having a few good chats with people there whilst I was doing it :)
Hope this helps


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