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Does your schizophrenia



Well-known member
Mar 11, 2021
get worse whilst you are relaxing or doing activities that relax you or when falling off to sleep at night, initially in a ready to sleep state?


Well-known member
Feb 7, 2021
For me it gets bad when i am in stressful situations.
For example. One month ago or so i had a really stressful day and i had a relapse but i took some pro re nata medication went into the park and for a long walk, called my psychologist and after some hours i was doing alright again.
Besides that i am doing good.


Well-known member
May 24, 2020
I'm with veela, my symptoms tend to get worse when I'm under stress or in stressful situations for me, of which there are many. Saying that though, I can't meditate or anything like that without things getting worse, so maybe relaxing does have an impact. Things usually worsen at night too, but that's the same for me with other medical issues, so who knows what that's about. I hope you're doing the best you can be @llittlelostlady :).
whyoverandover (was mirrorImage123)

whyoverandover (was mirrorImage123)

Well-known member
Mar 20, 2021
get worse whilst you are relaxing or doing activities that relax you or when falling off to sleep at night, initially in a ready to sleep state?
Mine gets worse when I’m in a sleep state and depressed at the same time.


Well-known member
Nov 10, 2019
For me its worse at day when theres lots of people around, night can be bad but there's less activity so it usually better.


Well-known member
Aug 4, 2021
Pauls Valley, Oklahoma
I am on the perfect med for me and I don't experience any side or residual effects from my sz.
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