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Does your mind race after you've been productive? Advice on how to stop it.



New member
Sep 29, 2020
I have this problem where anytime I’m productive-or more accurately, anytime I hyperfocus on a specific task-the moment that focus breaks my mind starts to race.

It can get really irritating because when my mind starts to race I’ll usually have two trains of thought playing on top of each other, with a line of song or a phrase repeating non stop in the background. Then I’ll have memories keep on rushing in, and random images popping into my head, as well as sounds sometimes. Then my emotions go haywire and I can’t make any of it stop. If you’ve ever heard that tiktok sound with like 5 songs playing on top of each other and text that tells you to try to focus on just one, that’s what my head is like. Except add in visuals, memories, emotions, and sometimes very vivid and clear random sounds or instruments from a song.

It doesn’t matter if I only hyper focus for an hour in the early morning, the racing goes on all day. I could try and focus on something else throughout the day, but sometimes I just can’t and even if I do, eventually I have to sleep. Yet when I try to sleep, my mind starts to race even faster. I can never fall asleep and the racing won’t stop until I do. I end up having to wait 36-48 hours until I’m so tired I pass out. But on that second day I’m already too tired from not sleeping to do anything else, so it’s not like I can get any work done. Plus I usually have a headache, and I sometimes even wake up with one after finally falling asleep.

Once I finally fall asleep, sometimes the sleep is pretty rocky and it’s not completely gone the next day. Luckily, most of the time it is. But then I have to choose whether or not to get my work done and put myself through that again or to not be productive at all. As I really really hate when my mind gets like that, I usually choose to avoid it, and it is a large part of the reason I’m really behind in school.

I just don’t know how to stop it but unless I get control of it I’m going to fail my senior year of hs. Does anyone else’s mind get like this? And how do you stop it?

Btw: I am diagnosed with anxiety and adhd. I had a therapist who thought I had ocd as well, but my physiatrist disagreed but did admit I do have some symptoms of ocd (that she thought were just caused by my anxiety since they do sometimes overlap). I haven’t been in therapy for a while, but I’m going back soon and I want to talk to them about depression and dissociation.


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Sep 28, 2020
Yes all the time I hear a song playing over and over .They say our minds are like a computer a program can get stuck in a loop. What I been told is to say a word real slow like p.e.a.s.e over and over until the mind is calm again .