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Does this sound like schizphrenia ?



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May 11, 2009
I have never been diagnosed with any mental illness, well not yet anyway.
I'd like to know what other people think who have schizophrenia or had similar experiences.


It started at 17 I’m 23 now, I used to think cats were secret agents and they was sent to spy on me and were watching me all the time.
I received a text message one day from my mother, one of them religious ones with a quote from the bible, a chain message to pass it to 3 more people. I came to believe that it was a not a chain message really it was message from god telling me I was a descendant of his and that I was the “one” and that I was here for some special reason or some special mission, that of which I don’t know.
The T’V used to talk to me, it put me down sometimes called me bad names. One time it made me believe I had no face and that whenever anyone else looked at me all they could see was a blur and that REALLY I had no face it was just a blur, I had no eyes, nose, mouth etc . It once told me and made me believe that I was a secret agent. Other things would talk to me as well, like a half open door calling me a loser. Sometimes it would be like they’re trying to talk to me or trying to tell me something but I couldn’t figure it out or make sense of it. It could be anything Pictures, someone’s body language, two people having a conversation not talking to me directly but what I hear is meant for me and is trying to communicate with me and tell me something. Signs telling me to kill myself, shop signs.
In bed one night and I could hear noises outside and came to believe that the world was coming to an end, I could here noises as if it was like racking up or packing away. I believed my family was trying to kill me and that they were poisoning my food and drink. I used to hear a bad voice telling me to kill my family and kill myself and that it was the devil and that he possessed me when I was 17 through a Ouija board. And in hospital telling me to kill some of the nurses. I used to hear voices when I was outside calling me names. I have seen people in my house, In Victorian style clothes which weren’t really there. I was in town with my mother one time shopping for a few hours. Well I thought I was, I wasn’t. She disappeared when I was leaving and I realized she was at work. In hospital I saw loads of men in 1960’s style black suits walking by my side and walking around the ward. They looked like gangsters.

I hear voices some nights, sounding like my family outside my bedroom or down the bottom of the stairs talking to each other I can never quite hear what there saying but there planning to get me plotting to get me. In hospital it was the same I could hear the patients and staff planning and plotting to get me outside my room.
Everyday I hear the same voice; I talk to him most days all. We talk about allsorts. He is very irritating and won’t leave me alone I try allsorts to make him go away. I hear voices in my head a lot, people I know and some I don’t. They ask me questions say things about me, bad things. Sometimes they comment on what I’m doing. I used to hear a voice telling me to kill my family and kill myself and in hospital telling me to kill some of the nurses.
I think there are cameras in my house watching me I can hear them sometimes moving as I do. The neighbors are watching me through the windows. Watching me if I go out. Everybody is watching me. I don’t trust anyone and think everyone is up to something behind my back.

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May 11, 2009
I would just like to know what is wrong with me, A lot of the past stuff i have never told DR's. My new team who deal with psychosis a specialist team. They want to know about all the past stuff. I'm just paranoid that they'll laugh at it, To me know looking/thinking back, It's crazy. i can't see how anyone would believe this stuff. I dont trust em at all. I battle myself all the time if there is or if there isn't anything wrong. I think there all lying to me, playing games with me or something.


No one on here can tell you whether you have schizophrenia or not. The only people who can do that are the psychiatrists. You won't tell them anything that they haven't heard before from someone else.

We can give you support but a lot of people here will tell you that you do need to find one person on your psych team you can trust and go from there. And keep coming back here for peer support.


I can certainly identify with all that. I have a label of 'paranoid schizophrenia'.

As Dollit says - no one here can diagnose you.

Personally; I haven't found receiving such a label very helpful. It has never satisfied me with many answers. There are also many potential reasons as to why you may be experiencing such things.
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