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Does this sound like Bipolar Disorder?



New member
Jun 18, 2015
All the things I've tried for anxiety have failed me so far.
I always just thought my anxiety/depression occurs in cycles. I'll be very up, scatter brained, acting irrationally, not depressed (but not happy either) sometimes, then my horrible depression will kick in for months. Its debilitating. I have been suicidal since I was 6. But what I describe doesn't sound like "mania". Also In general, I just feel like I can't get a hold on life (but that could be just anxiety?) Like control is just out of reach. I never know when I'm going to go way down.

I was only very severely manic once, when I was put on 100mg of Zoloft. I was completely out of control, reckless, talking extremely fast and didn't seem to understand what was happening for months. But that was on meds (doesn't necessarily mean bp)

Just wondering if my "anxiety/depression" could be bipolar this whole time? I don't really know anything about BPD. Just in case it is so I can treat it accordingly.


Well-known member
Jan 27, 2015
Hi Grace87

Welcome to the forum.

Sorry can't help with your query.
I guess if you go to your GP and tell him /her, they could help with diagnosis.
wanted you to know I read your post and welcome you here :)


Well-known member
Jan 5, 2011
Hello Grace and :welcome: to the forum. No-one obviously can diagnose you on a forum. I will say that we often have "holidays" from depression. The mind can't stay in a closed off depression all the time, and so in that little rebound, we feel happier. That isn't mania though and having that reaction to antiD's isn't that uncommon.

I think labels aren't always helpful, so perhaps work with your GP to find a way to get the most effective treatment for yourself. Its something which can be helped often, but often not with meds alone. Don't be afraid to challenge the doc on anything he suggests and get counselling - you can demand it.


Active member
Jun 16, 2015
Well I am not doctor but here is what I do know from my own experiences.

Anti-depressants send me into dysphoric mania really bad, apparently.

Dysphoric mania is like mania except you feel really depressed and/or agitated and/or anxious instead of euphoric.
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