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Does the diagnosis stand?



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Mar 20, 2010
Hi i was put on 15mg of Olanzapine by the pdoc the other week for a high/manic mood i believe.He said it sounds like i have Bipolar.I have been taking it for ten days now. My questions are
1)Can Olanzapine alone treat Bipolar Disorder?Or will i need to be put on another drug too.
2)When i see the pdoc again in less than two weeks and the meds aren't really helping me that much does this mean i am not Bipolar like he suspects or just that i need my meds adjusted. Or will i be put on another drug you think?Thank you
Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions


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Mar 9, 2010
No one is bipolar. People have symptoms of bipolar disorder or whatever else...

Can Olanzapine alone treat Bipolar Disorder?

Yes, Olanzapine can treat symptoms of bipolar on its own.

If your symptoms are still there in a few weeks: it could mean that you do not have a diagnosis of bipolar - or it could mean that the dose needs adjusting - or it could mean that the medication / treatment needs changing.

Remember this: You are not bipolar. No one is. Bipolar is a diagnosis that is given by doctors when people have certain set of symptoms. It does not make you bipolar. You are what you are.

Therefore, it does not matter what label you have been given. What matters is that the medications or any other treatment you are having helps your symptoms, i.e., problems.
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Mar 20, 2010
thank you so much everyone for your answers.
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