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Does the balance system do more than balance?



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Sep 12, 2016
When you are awake, you do things, and have to make deliberate movements, swinging around your balance system. When you sit still or lay down you hold your balance system still and start to slip into the subconscious. Daydreaming occurs. The balance system seems responsible for hallucinations. It aches in accordance with emotion you feel. using a gazing stare like you would when looking at 3d art 'clears' your balance system of this pain. Eating is a state that when you taste you clear the emotion from your head momentarily. Pretending to eat even like when your hungry and think of different foods and you can taste them a bit also clears you balance system of the pain briefly. This may lead to an honesty test that you could use or just a good way to relieve anxiety. Once you release anxiety this way watch out for hallucination. One can tell if they have anxiety by there breath and by searching yourself for pain. It is common for people who hallucinate to start just when they settle down to relax.

The balance system seems to be the center of the subconscious or not, its not said out there that it is anywhere in yoga or anything, what do you think?