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Does my mother have bipolar?



New member
May 28, 2019
Hi my mother who is 74 has always been up and down mentally. She spends 3 months in bed barely eating washing and wont leave the house. She has about a week of normality where she might go to the doctor, she has copd and asthma, get her hair done and interact with us, after that its the mania stage, she's up all night drinking wine smoking weed sitting in the garden making little fires and makibg arts and crafts from whatever recycling material she can find. She cooks whatever is in the fridge and cupboards usually baking and soup concoctions. Leaving a huge mess behind. She leaves candles burning tvs and radios on and scribbles notes all day. Ive tried to get her to get help for a long time but she wont admit theres a problem she sees me as the problem when her mania hits and when she's down its tears and she needs me. I moved in with her 2 years ago with my husband and two teenagers and we have since had two more babies. Its draining on everyone, we all have to lock our doors as she takes everyone's stuff or just goes through people's rooms. I want to leave, we all want to leave but i made a commitment to move in and help her when she cried lije a child that she cant live alone. My older children have been affected by her and now im worried my babies will be too. I dont know what to do that would be best for everyone. She has been diagnosed with depression and given medication which she refuses to take. Ive suggested mood stabilisers but she refuses and says im the problem not her. When her mania comes down a bit she gets angry and vicious about everybody she will organise some big event that wont happen and the down cycle starts. This happens on a 3 month basis


Well-known member
May 23, 2019
We can't diagnose someone on this forum, especially if their supposed symptoms are described by someone else.

You should urge your mother to seek a diagnosis and get help if this is what you feel she needs.

If she refuses, then you need to consider what's best to do for you and your family. I understand you have made a commitment to her but you also need to consider the lives of your own children and how healthy this kind of environment is for them.