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does MH illness steal your core values?



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Oct 10, 2016
sorry, might be along post I'll try not to go on too much..

something has happen tonight which has shocked/hurt me. I think I have lost some of my core values here. caring, trying to be nice... decent, left wing.. i'm not sure whats left?

its been hard, I have been on heavy meds for PTSD/OCD/GAD/DEPRESSION for over 7 years... they have changed me..

but i've alos lost me.

i am so sorry.


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Jun 15, 2019
South West UK
I have a number of different disabilities mental health and other. I'd say my experiences have shaped my core values.

Due to my traumatic childhood I am more likely to notice when others are affected by theirs. I have a lot of empathy for those affected by the same disabilities as myself.

I know what it's like to be discriminated against and to not be believed.

I told a mentally abusive relative where to go last weekend and it feels liberating to be avoiding them. Many of my peers support the viewpoint that being around them is a bad idea.

Sometimes a big shock like you've had gives you the motivation to take productive action.

I get my morals from watching or reading star trek episodes.

I ploughed my experiences into studying, singing and looking after myself because I'm better than my experiences and my disabilities.

Hope this helps.


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Oct 10, 2016
what do you mean? x
not sure tbh

I'm not sure if I'm still a OK person ? I try and help this homeless guy by me, I also try and support a local community project, not with money a such but just going to it... I got the homeless guy some boxers & socks for Christmas..

I wat to eb able to be called a "decent bloke" when i die...

lost all mu value in myself...


before my mental health got really bad I was the person people could easily approach if they wanted advice or just needed a friend, now I come across stand-offish and impulsive, I'm aware of that

Mister_Fabulous formerly BetaMale

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Aug 17, 2018
When I'm depressed, I'm jealous of people who are happy and want the whole world to suffer alongside me. So my answer is yes.


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Jun 13, 2016
To answer the question, in my opinion, negative experiences can make us take a wrong turn in life. I would like to think that if those negative experiences are taken away, then someone may return to those core values. I would like to add that taking wrong turns in life may well also have a detrimental affect on day to day relationships with others and so on. One negative cog, often turns another. Perhaps before taking that wrong turn, try getting a second, third, fourth opinion from people with a rounded opinion...
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