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Does it honestly ever end.



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Jun 5, 2018
I m a mess right now. And I can't talk to my bf cause it's getting too much for him. I just feel so inedequate. And I just want to stop. Keep think why me.


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Mar 28, 2018
As a borderline i know how it can be hard not only for you, but for your half too. Sometimes i can be really mean or cold to my girl, and sometimes it may really hurt her, but she knows i never mean it and that its just a phase.
Does your bf knows about your disorder ? If you two are in a serious relationship you should tell him, but don't hurry. Do it when you feel the right time came.

Anyway, what can i say ugh.. you mostly can't help even if you know your disorder , thats why they call it nevrosis.
I was trying to cheer you up but i lost the track lol ! Anyway don't forget that it's just a phase, it's not your fault.
Also don't forget that you're not alone and we all are here to help each other.

I'd love to talk if you want to empty your heart, feel free to send a pm whenever you feel bad and want to talk.