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Does Depression ever go away?



Active member
Feb 20, 2018
Does this misery ever go away? I've been struggling with depression for 2-3 years now, i used to self medicate with weed but i stopped, i am currently taking antidepressants and xanax. But my question is does it ever go away? will i ever feel alive again?


Well-known member
Dec 29, 2019
yes in time

sadly anti depressants arn't an overnight cure (all though I am sure a lot of us, me included, wish they were. lol)

my advice is to try to find enjoyment in the things you like.

perhaps try new things you might be interested in

and most importantly try your best. it's a long road.. but we're all in this together


Yes it will. I know that my depressed episode went away after I started to develop a routine at home. Now after I started to work out and take my meds on a daily basis, it is all working out for me in the end. I think self-acceptance is the key. xD
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