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Does anyone understand



New member
Nov 22, 2018
For the past 8 months i feel like i lost my personality i used to be talkative and outgoing and now i dont know how to talk to people or what to say to people i dont even know how to talk to my friends or family because i feel my personality is gone and i dont know how to respond to them anymore and cant keep a conversation. because of this i try to avoid interactions with others. i always had a mild form of social anxiety but this is another level where my social skills went out the window and i literally feel like i walk around in a body but its hollow and im just a body. i hope this makes sense to someone and someone could help me with some advice im tired of avoiding people and just want to get my personality back. :(


Well-known member
Nov 3, 2018
New Jersey
i don't think you lost your personality, you probably just buried it. Find some sort of social group, take a gym class, or do something that will help reduce the anxiety that is probably causing you to isolate yourself. The earlier the better. You have to make that first step, nobody else can. If you have a friend you can talk to, be honest with them and ask for help. The more you hide, the lonelier you may become, and nobody wants that.I used to have problems talking with my brother because we have little in common, but i tried focusing on talking about him, asking him how things were, and things like that. It brought us closer because i realized that once we talked about him, he started asking and talking to me about my life. That openned a door for me to talk and express the problems that i have. Now he always asks how i am and how things are going. Just don't let the situation linger, jump on a solution, work hard at it, and don't allow it to consume you. Let me know how things work out.