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Does anyone think this is normal? (OCD)



Lately, I've started to realise that the way I go about my day isn't quite normal. It gets to the point sometimes that I annoy myself and yet still can't seem to change my habits. I've never actually told anyone what I do - and I've never even considered why! Maybe it's cos I know that it's odd and a bit obsessive.*

To me, this is a way of life and has been since I was young, I remember being like this since I was at least 11, and I'm now 26. Basically, I set up things to do in a certain order, and I like to do things in multiples of fives, and I also do things while counting. Here's some examples.

For as long as I remember, I've counted while washing my hair. I wash the top (or middle) for 30 seconds, then the left for 30, then the middle for 30, then the right for 30, then back to the middle for 30, etc etc. I'll count up to 100 (counting in multiples of 30) then back to 1, and I normally like to finish at 100. Sometimes I wonder how other people wash their hair, and after I've reached the 100 I stand in the shower, without the numbers running through my head and it feels so refreshing.*

I also prefer to have a structure to my day. Depending on what I'd like or need to do with my day, I'll make a list. When I was younger, it'd look something like this:

Things to do
Tidy room

Now, its more like this:

To do

Notice that they have to be in alphabetical order, that's really important to me. And then what I'll do is stick to that list all day, as much as I can. I used to set my alarm for 30 minutes for each thing. As soon as the alarm would go off, I'd stop what I was doing. I'd even put a half ironed shirt back in the ironing pile if I didn't quite manage to finish it before the alarm went off. Now that I have a baby, I don't bother with the 30 minutes because the baby obviously doesn't stick to my schedule and I had to keep pausing the timer... I realised it was just not working. So then I tried changing to the next thing on my list after every bottle. It's like I'm constantly struggling to fit some kind of rigid order into my day to day life - and I hate it!

In the morning after my shower, I'll gradually get dressed. And I mean gradually. Cos what I'll do is play a game on my phone and at some predetermined point (eg. at the end of a level, when I lose etc), I'll stop and I'll do 5 or 10 things. I'll count them all. Once I've done them, I'll go back to the game. I used to do it a lot with sudoku (the way I do those is a whole story in itself! I have to follow a strict order to complete them).*

Is this way of ordering my day just a way of allowing myself to get everything done that I want? Or is it just really stupid and strange? I don't always follow patterns all day, but all days have the counting in my shower and doing things in multiples of fives. Is it just cos I'm super organised and love to feel like I'm in control of my day? I would love to know that I'm not alone! I can't believe that after years of being like this, I've never before really thought about what I'm doing and have stupid it is sometimes!

I've posted this here cos it seems to be the most relevant, but I don't think I have OCD cos it doesn't really affect my life, I'm happy doing things this way. It's only lately that I've started to wonder if there's anyone else who is like me.


Well-known member
Jan 11, 2011
Hi pixie
there's probably not enough info here to say if you have OCD, but its just a label anyway.
If you're interested There's book about a girl who also did things in multiples of 5 (amongst other things):
"Just Checking" by Emily Colas
I also read a book about a girl who did things in multiples of 6 but i dont remember the title.


Well-known member
Aug 18, 2010
UK, North East
Hmm... it does sounds to me like u do have OCD, even if u don't think it's fully blown..... u can still have symptoms of it such as myself -

I have a problem with the house being a mess most of the time
When I get touched on one side of my body, I also have to be touched on the other side. (Even if I get knocked by accident)!!
Have to have my lunch at 13:30pm even if its a bag of crisps if I'm at my bf's before having my tea.
Have to have my dinner b4 19:00pm.

I haven't got it fully blown but it does sound like you have OCD, even worse than I have.

Speak to a Doctor about this and see what he/she suggests. As when I did she told me I could have it but not fully blown as there are symptoms in there. :)