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Does anyone struggle to find the motivation to do anything?



Oct 21, 2017

I have no hobbies, scared to try new things. I have no friends to do anything with and I tend to wallow in my own self-pity. I have a broken relationship with my Dad. My Mums ill. Sometimes I feel like it would be best if I weren't here. Does anyone else feel the same?

I can't seem to part with my depression. :low:


Well-known member
Jun 8, 2016
It's one of the central features of depression to lose enjoyment and motivation to do things because it seems pointless. Shutting down completely though, will only make things worse - trust me, I've done that and wasted away years of my life because of it. The professionals will always say things like "Meet people", "Get out there", or "Join a group", totally ignoring the fact that you don't want to do anything even remotely close to those kinds of things when you are depressed. In my experience you have to start out very small and gradually build-up to those bigger things mentioned above. So, going out for walks and things like that can help you to not only feel better, but to actually see things and feel a connection with the world again - for me it's nature and animals that I see along the way that gives me something to hold onto. Whatever you choose to do to start the slow climb out of the depression will be better than just stopping completely.


Active member
Oct 22, 2017
I suffered with no motivation for years, and to this day I still do. Right now my depression is back, but not so bad this time, thank God. I only noticed I was depressed this time around because I havent talked to my friends in a few days, and I dont care. I get into a "F of world" mood when I am depressed, and don't care if I see no one, or talk to no one for days at a time. I am contempt to staying in bed for days watching mindless TV. Then when I finally snapped out of it, I look around at my room and realize what a mess it is in.

There is hope. I have depression since I am 19, I am 27 now. I finally went back to college this year to studying something I love, and for the first time in, honestly I don't know how long, I am actually planning and looking forward to a future. I will not lie, there a still days, when the alarm goes of and I think to myself "What is the point", but once I get up and start my routine I am glad I went.

It is a an up hill battle. But as a previous poster mentioned, start with baby steps. It is what I done.
Going on walks every day to get out of the house.
Starting a routine and sticking by it, like getting up, having a wash cleaning my teeth, then cleaning my room. I know it may seem small, but it all leads to the bigger things.

We are all here to help and support you when ever you need it



Oct 23, 2017
I agree with Droo.
Start out small and gradually work your way into more active things.
I struggle to find the motivation to do almost anything when I'm depressed; so I start with writing. It can be done from more-or-less anywhere. From there I'll maybe take a short walk, or do something to get out of my comfort zone, anything to dissipate the bad weather in my head for a while.


Nov 1, 2017
Reading the other comments which all say start out small reminded me of something I saw a while earlier on facebook. It was a US militairy commander who gave advise to start out your day by making your bed. If you make your bed. Your first task of the day is completed. It gives you the idea that even on the worst days where you do absolutely nothing. At least you were able to do something productive. Also finishing a task helps you motivate to do more tasks. I know it sounds stupid, but for me going out with friends.. and doing 'fun' stuff feels as a task to me. But in the end I'm usually glad I ended up doing them anyway. And if you have a crappy day.. at least you end up in a bed which was made.


New member
Nov 1, 2017
Ohio, USA
I second the idea of doing something small at the start of the day in an effort to get oneself going a bit more.

Lack of motivation is a major problem for me, too. I try to combat it by making sure to do a few small things every morning: I must make coffee. I must make my bed. I must get dressed. I must brush out my hair. Sometimes it's very hard to do. Sometimes I don't do anything else but lie on my bed for the rest of the day. But at least I made it that far.
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