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does anyone here have mini highs but not hypomania or mania



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Jul 9, 2013
i used to have bipolar (i bellieve) in my 20's but the highs i had were kinda like a dopamine rush where i would have racing thoughts, and would feel in top form where my mood would be elevated......but i dont think i had mania or hypomania as my highs lasted maybe 5/6 hrs and also i didnt have reckless spending or engagement in risky behaviour nor did i sleep very little

anwyay my point is i had mini highs coupled with severe bloody severe depression......would this qualify me as bipolar or are my highs insufficient


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May 7, 2019
I have mini highs, lasting up to 8 hours on occasion, and am classed as bi-polar


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Jun 16, 2020
I have mini highs, lasting up to 8 hours on occasion, and am classed as bi-polar
I rarely have hypomania anymore, usually only "mini-highs" as you mention, short bursts of energy and elation lasting for a few hours followed by exhaustion or crushing depression. I used to have hypomanic episodes regularily when i was younger but now I only habve them a couple of times a year. I've only had one episode classified as full blown mania lasting for almost a year. it was this episode that led me to be diagnosed as bipolar, although I'm type 2. I also have chronic depression, general anxiety and social anxiety so I sometimes mistake my anxiety for being hypo. Of course normal events in life can also make us feel happy and elated and when you've gone a long time being depressed the sudden feeling of happines can feel like you have a "mini-high". I've been on several different drugs throughout the year and the brains chemistry also change with age so I think that's part of what makes us change how we experience our disorder over time.

Blue Opal

Maybe you could look into the theory of "bipolar spectrum disorder". In this view someone can be on the bipolar spectrum without any (hypo)mania at all (as defined by the dsm-5). It's really interesting. The theory is that if you have recurrent depressive episodes and "something else as well" then the chances are you are a little bipolar. The question is not whether you have bipolar or not, but: HOW bipolar are you.
You can read all about it on Diagnosis in the Mood Spectrum – Psych


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Oct 22, 2020
The sea
I had those mini highs lasting usually a day at a time every week/two weeks like followed by exhaustion and lots of sleep with no episodes of actual hypomania for 2 years and wasn't diagnosed until recently when I was spotted hypomanic again a couple times. So for sure, and it used to confuse the hell out of me lol


Jan 6, 2021
I get 1-2 weeks of energiness which switches between hypomania and anxiety every couple of hours. A couple of times i've had a break from reality too. I'm diagnosed with Bipolar-NOS.


Jan 7, 2021
New Hampshire
A few times a week i'll get this random 5-8 hour high, its like a huge burst of energy and (I'm happy as can be, motivated, and everything is good in the world), but then I crash and need to take the worlds longest nap aftertwards.
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