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Does anyone have PTSD with severe psychosis



Well-known member
Jan 27, 2019
I went to Doctor and they diagnosed me with PTSD with psychosis. I have not had a psychotic break for a few months so in my mind I am okay. I easily I forget that this disorder does not disappear. Thta is what confusings me. I will be alright for a time and then boom I am out of control-hardly remember what caused the breakdown just know that I extremely overreacted to situation. Does anyone else have these experiences? Love to hear anything that might make sense whay this happens.


Well-known member
Jun 11, 2017
I have been diagnosed with PTSD also,not psychosis though.

I will be alright for a time and then boom I am out of control-hardly remember what caused the breakdown just know that I extremely overreacted to situation
That basically sums up PTSD,you will be doing fine and then get triggered by something and experience symptoms.Your symptoms are in high gear and then eventually calm back down....until the next trigger comes along.


Apr 17, 2019
Kansas City, MO
PTSD with psychosis here too--recovering, and many other issues, anxiety, depression, recovered alcoholic, and high-functioning autism from birth.

Episodes never fade, but you can learn to rationalize them. "I'm not getting shot at, it's just kids with firecrackers." Like that. Took me A LOT of therapy, a lot of talking it out, and some non-narcotic sleeping medicine to suppress the bad dreams.

I can deal with situations, loud noise--rationalize it, and get on top. But the dreams are the worst for me.

I still have the dreams--sometimes I wake up, and the bed is soaked with sweat--but typically I don't remember them, or much detail of them--tired the next day from interrupted sleep, but sometimes I can go months without one.

Can get physical--one night about a year ago I woke up bloody--that was scary.

One night I woke up with a lady friend, 2010--I had grabbed her out of bed, pulled her into a corner, and told her that if she wasn't quiet and still, we were both going to be dead. She moved out--relationship over. Can you blame her? We're still Facebook friends.

All of this stems from one incident, one night, in combat, 2003. It only takes one, and it doesn't have to be military related.

It's a defense mechanism--your brain trying to change your behavior so that you aren't in a similar situation again--fear is a powerful mechanism.

Powerful, scary, and painful, to you and anyone who tries to get close.

With every relationship, I'm up front with it. But then something snaps, and then typically, she's out the door.


Well-known member
Dec 14, 2010
sometimes I feel very stressed out In the day, even if im not doing much. I think my brain gets very chaotic sometimes and bad anxiety does not help!