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Does anyone have any useful techniques to help with paranoia?



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Jan 10, 2021
Is there anything I can do to combat paranoia when I finally leave the house after lockdown? When I leave the house I always think that people are following me or special agents are reporting on me and seeing shadow people following me. Does anyone have any techniques to help this?


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May 6, 2017
I don't personally have any techniques but you may find some in the downloads section of the National Paranoia Network.



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Mar 11, 2021
The shadow peeps are probably pariedolia...a form of apophenia or a trick of the light or the eyes...although there are lots of reports of hat men out there (can be interested in parapsychology).

I don't know about the agents...just assume that if they need to follow you around they are really sad.

If anyone needs to follow me around I'd see them as pathetic..i am just a normal gal trying to have a life...

I hope no one is that obsessed with me...ick.


Dec 9, 2020
Gold coast
Is there anything I can do to combat paranoia when I finally leave the house after lockdown? When I leave the house I always think that people are following me or special agents are reporting on me and seeing shadow people following me. Does anyone have any techniques to help this?
Take your medication

On Fire

Sep 21, 2011
I always found self help techniques did not really work for paranoid delusions. Your millage may vary.
As other posters have said, medication does normally work.
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