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Does anyone else struggle with shopping compulsions?



Jan 9, 2021
I'm a new poster, just made an account to hopefully read other people who understand me.
I have talked to my therapist a little..but I struggle a lot with shopping compulsions. For instance, when I see something I saw on someone else online (let's say, someone on instagram was wearing a pair of pink socks and I thought they were cute) I will obsessively think about them if it's something I know I can find discounted. I used to use finding discounted stuff as something as a "fun" game to help my friends out, but now it's become a gateway into me feeling like I /have/ to buy it because of the discount.

I am better about it now, in that my closet of clothes I don't wear has grown to the point where it's unmanageable for my other compulsions (folding clothes and cleaning) so I try to think very hard about needs vs. wants but it's still really difficult.

I have this cycle where I go from seeing something --> feeling like I /need/ the item ---> feeling an intense period of urgency as though I need to buy it or ""else"" --> buying the item and feeling the urge fulfilled --> immediately feeling a massive amount of guilt for knowing that I am adding to the piles of stuff I already have ---> subsequently going back into a low point and needing something to fixate on to satiate me ---> usually ending up scrolling on a website where I find something that I feel will complete me and the cycle starts again

But I guess it's also hard because even in trying to be better about my shopping (which I feel like I am getting better and my partner says I am) I still feel this nausea even when I choose to get things to treat myself or even buy things I actually need. I just hate how much guilt and self deprecation my OCD has me complicit in against myself...


Well-known member
Dec 9, 2020
u have shopping compulsion? buy me some things lol

shopping does raise serotonin. same with gambling. so people get hooked on some of these things for that serotonin


Well-known member
Jan 4, 2021
Southern USA
I learned one is just trying to fill a hole....like eating, drinking, drugs, etc.
Do you think mindfulness / zen study might help?
If you do not grow up and face this, you will lose everything eventually. I've seen it.
Best luck.


New member
Jan 14, 2021
New York
I have major shopping compulsions I'm trying to get a grip on.

I use a trick I've figured out.

If it's something related to any kind of collection, I think of my favorite thing in that collection and how this new thing relates to it. I consider that if I do buy it, where would it fall among my favorites? If I stop and think, sometimes I feel like it might be my 4th or 5th favorite in that collection and I have a better idea of how I really feel about it.

Often that thrill of finding something at the best price is so exciting that once I have found it, I feel committed to the purchase. Like I fought for it, so I should buy it. But it can also help to sleep on it and see if I still want to buy it, I think I make better purchasing decisions with some sleep between me and the excitement of searching and researching for the perfect way to get soemthing.
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