Does anyone else hear voices in different languages?



Back when I used to hear voices (several weeks ago) I sometimes heard them speaking in different languages. Spanish, Italian, and French. I couldn't understand a word they were saying but for some reason I believed that they were talking about me. So it made me very upset.
What about you?


I sometimes hear disjointed threads of conversation in different languages. They sound like a radio being tuned into different frequencies in succession and just catching intermittent words and phrases before another bandwidth competes for attention. They often sound like combinations of German, Russian, Polish , Hungarian and Latvian dialects. I have little to no experience of these languages per se but I can relate to what you said about them seeming to be directed at you. They seem to be personally relevant, even though I'm at a loss to decipher their exact content and meaning. They are interspersed with interjections in my own English language however and these are (obviously) far easier to decipher in terms of meaning and intention. This is the first time someone else has mentioned the phenomenon to me; I thought it was just a personal peculiarity of mine :)

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