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Does anyone else feel symptoms are stronger for you, personally because your too empathic and caring?

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whyoverandover (was mirrorImage123)

whyoverandover (was mirrorImage123)

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Mar 20, 2021
I cared about myself during this, even if I was crying. The thought of no one else caring made my emotions stronger. So why wouldn’t the symptoms work the same way? I think most of my experiences (tactile hallucinations)were bad when I felt bad..and I felt bad most of the time. My voices were harder on me when I was crying. Does anyone else see an emotional connection?


Well-known member
Mar 11, 2021
I don't care if anyone else cares and I tell 4he voices to tit erf

they just told me to feck erf
I said feck erf back


Well-known member
Mar 11, 2021
mine play up when I'm in a Good mood.....i love them though, they want to leave...too much compassion in here apparently...

I don't need anyone to care..i like to loved but need to be loved back

but please don't upset yourself xx
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