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Does anybody know what a psychiatrist



New member
Oct 4, 2019
White Plains, NY
Normally charges now for a 40 minute session? I saw one today and he charged me $100. And he is also going to bill Medicare for it. I can't continue to pay him. I live below the poverty line. Now I have to somehow wait and see what he charges Medicare and if I overpaid him. I have no idea how long that will take. Or even how to get money back if I overpaid. For six years, I had a doctor who didn't charge me anything. He just accepted what Medicare paid. Which was around 350 dollars for two visits a month. What a nightmare I'm in now. Plus, I have to go to a grimy mental hospital to see this particular doctor because that's where his office is - even though he's a private psychiatrist not affiliated with the hospital. What a nightmare. I used to have it so much better. I think I'll start drinking soon. That way I won't need a doctor to prescribe me Valium. I miss my old life.


Sep 30, 2019
Hi wilsonville. Welcome to MHF. Sorry you were charged so much out of pocket by your psychiatrist.

If you have a gap insurance for medicare, like Blue Cross or others, then they may have a copay lless than $100. If you have an insurance like this then contact and ask them about that. They may also have names of other psychiatrists that accept that insurance.

If you do not have consider this insurance you might try picking it up. Many of them provide the gap insurance at no extra cost unless you need expensive meds or dental, so you really have someone then that can act as an advocate.