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'Doctors should stop pushing drugs at depressed people'



This feeds into the prejudices against people with mental illness - that we are all rather weak and just need a good push or a little more "backbone" in order to be like everyone else.

There are no words to describe how condescending and despairing this kind of "advice" makes me.

People with reactive depression - then yes.....coping skills.....yes.

For every individual with depression and mental illness there is a unique illness that will not apply to generalized "that'll sort you outs". Ultimately it is up to the individual to sort themselves out and if you have anything more than reactive depression and some anxiety that can be sorted out with a bout of CBT and sent on your way - then you are ******.

What about the rest of people who don't respond to CBT ? What about the people with endogenous depression that isn't a response to outside circumstances or their "own thinking".

My life is getting harder and harder against this simplistic judgmentalism. I'm so tired of it.



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Nov 27, 2009
meds do help!

To see if i could cope without meds, in the worst episode of depression me and my psych did an experiment. I had a lightbox, the best care around in a private clinic, top cbt therpaist and group therapy, regular exercise classes etc.. and for 2 months it didn't work so that's how i know meds help - my psych said that if i didn't take the meds i'd have to stay in hospital permanently...
i am on 225 venlafaxine and 300 quetiepine and after prozac, sertraline, diazepan, temazapan, beta-blockers, mirtazipine, impramine, dothiepin, olanzapine i have finally found something that helps.

Also while i was in hospital there were reports in papers about how anti-depressants didn;t help people and actually that's true if you only have mild/moderate depression and not life-threatening, severe clinical depression then the meds won't help as much.


It was brave of you to try that and I can see why it was something you wanted to do even though it would cause you to suffer. Sometimes we have to find out on our own terms and at least you can now say you have tried the alternative. Not for anyone else - just for your own box ticking for future reference.

It sounds like you have a psych who understands your circumstance.

I'm so scared of them and of being judged now. A doctor I really trusted told me one day that "she had patients from eastern europe whose parents have been murdered in front of them".

Needless to say I went home and was really broken hearted on that day - as I thought I had found someone who had empathy. I'm so scared now of seeing anyone - more scared of my own reaction as I can't take any more judgments or belittling of my of my own illness. I've had clinical depression for over 20 years now.

It's good to know you have had a good experience with the docs.....maybe my next consultation will be different.

I'm sure you had a long road to travel before you found the medications that would work for you.