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do you wonder if i will never get well again



Dec 8, 2014
so yeah been in a bit of a muddle over this mainly because the mental health team was a waste of 4 years tbh and i tried to get of my meds and get better but it never works i end up being worse of.

so if after trying for years and years how does one get better being on the sick and claiming benefits is soul destroying.

i really want to get back to living a normal life and all that but damn it never happens or i just feel mentally more unwell

people do get better and lead a normal life but how do you get from being metally unwell to normal?


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Apr 25, 2015
I am sorry that you are struggling with moving forwards in terms of getting better and back into the world.

I think a lot of the time things are trial and error - and takes a long time to find what is the right way for that individual to be able to fully recover or be more in control of their emotions/thought process.

Do you have a support system around you?

What makes you feel positive and motivational?

It is those questions that are beneficial I think

Take care.


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May 18, 2015
I believe that there are many types of different normal and this just varies from person to person.
If you think that you are not feeling or acting to your full potential, then this just shows great resolve and ambition to do better. Feeling a bit iffy from time to time mentally, in my opinion, is normal.

There are many different types of medications which could help, at different dosages and/or combinations.
It took me approximately 4 years to find the particular one that currently is of great aid to me. From personal experience, I would recommend not going off meds if they've been prescribed to you.

There is no reason why one should feel silly about taking benefits, it is part of our society and helps various types of people in different situations to live better lives.

Catch up with good friends, or perhaps reconnect with friends that you have not spoken to but feel are good company. They will integrate you back into the swing of things socially and most likely, you could feel comfortable around them and also feel normal.

If you do not feel confident enough yet to chill out socially with people there are many different escapes to enjoy. Films, books, hobbies, computer games, forums, music, exercise etc.

All the best.
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