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Do you think he has a mood disorder?



New member
Jun 10, 2008
When I met my boyfriend 3 years ago, he was a diligent law student with a close group of friends, a part-time job, and interests in a variety of activities.

As time passed, he dropped out of school, quit his job, and became distant with his friends. He now stays at home all day and does nothing more than sleep, watch tv and play video games. He has little motivation to reconnect with his friends or find exciting things to do. I love him, but I find him boring to talk to now.

I suspected he was depressed, but he says he doesn't feel sad or hopeless at all. He said he's in a transitional stage in his life and he'll go back to school in the future. Also, to note, we're in a long-distance relationship and I haven't seen him face-to-face since January, so I suspect he's rather lonely.

So what do you think, does he have a mood disorder of some kind?


Maybe he just needs time out. Not every change is to do with having mental ill health sometimes people just need gap years.
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