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Do you tell people?



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Jun 26, 2009
I was in hospital more than two years and diagnosed with bipolar. Only family knew, as I had lost touch with a lot of school friends, I only told two of them when I was getting better and they never helped me much, never invited me out or anything. I hardly ever see them now.

When I started uni I did not tell anyone but applied for disabled students allowance.

I have recently told my boyfriend as it was on my mind and I had told him that I am on meds for something. He seems fine about, it has not put him off me which is a good thing!

Just wondered what other people did- do you tell others that you are bipolar? None of my uni friends who I have known for a year know. I don't see that there is a reason for me to tell them?

Do you tell your work?

I am quite happy right now to just keep it known in the family and my boyfriend. I trust him not to tell anyone. I am not afraid of poeple knowing I just don't see it as anyone else's business.

I don't know what do you do about telling people? I just felt like a ramble


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Jul 7, 2009
Hey there :)

Only a few of my close friends and my boyfriend know I am bipolar.

With my friends, I just think, it's not affecting my relationship with them, so I don't really think it's necessary for them to know.

I have never told any of the places I have worked. Only for the sole reason that it doesn't usually affect my quality of work. If it got to a stage where it was affecting my work, I think then would be the appropriate time to tell them.



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Nov 23, 2008
Belfast, N.Ireland
I am very open about my Bipolar. For years (About 16 years) I hid my illness and felt great shame about being mentally ill. It is only in the last 4 years that I have felt comfortable about telling people. The shame is gone. I am glad too. I don't just tell anyone about my illness - but I will tell if someone asks about something relating to my illness. I've always been a very honest person anyhow - just selected what I told people lol.

My body is covered in scars too. Even on a place I can't cover up - my face. I feel more shame about divulging my self harm. I think Bipolar would be more accepted by the general public than self-harm. I don't tell many people about the self harm.
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