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Do you know 'why' you're depressed?



Nov 15, 2021
When you say we don’t realize our hidden talents I understand. Its best to stay affirmative and reasonable, but getting in the way is the worse depression imaginable. If I had the power to over come it I would! But thank you, I appreciate the kindness.
I can’t overcome mine either! I was just sending positive vibes to you! I spent the whole day in my room! Just sending thoughts of encouragement! Praying for us all this dog will lift!


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Aug 20, 2019
I'm also very sensitive which can be challenging but also beautiful. Are there things you like about your sensitivity?


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May 27, 2020
The combination of my personality (which is a result of the circumstances in which I grew up - as is the case for everyone) and a lifetime of medically unexplained physical symptoms.

Without the latter I'd have been fine, I think. Even though my childhood was a bit weird, I think I could have achieved an OK life if not for the endless physical dysfunctions.

English Electric

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Sep 26, 2021
Worthlesseness and inferiority. This is sadly proven as my circumstances are well below my peers. I lack the ability to succeed and aquire financial security. If I lose my job, the following month it is game over. I have a daughter to support and my failure will impact her life. She doesnt deserve this. This rightly and justly makes me feel very unhappy. To feel content about all this would be lunacy.


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Apr 28, 2011
Yes I think i know why I suffer from depression.
For not being good enough in anything, can’t even learn guitar 😢
That is pretty much the same as me. My depression stems from fears of not being good enough from the age of about nine and then when I did find some things I was good enough at, I did not know how to handle them and got a little bit in over my head. I still cannot play the guitar. I wish I had given up trying to play that instrument years ago to be honest.
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