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Do you have one of those negative people in your life who constantly tries to bring you down?



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Apr 8, 2010
Do you have one of those negative people in your life who constantly tries to bring you down?

I do. For me it's my mother. She never has anything nice or good to say. She makes me feel small all the time and like, today for example, I won a competition - a holiday abroad. She is trying to convince me not to go and bitching about me to other family members. I didn't go to university because of her, and now I'm stuck in a dead end job because she is so controlling, if I left my job she would throw me out, and I have no one else or anywhere to go. She makes out my mental "troubles" are stupid, exaggerated and like I can just stop and be normal at any time...she told me to "snap out of it once" and called me a nut job and everything. She is not supportive at all and doesn't care. My doc prescribed anti depressants once and she screamed and shouted at me and flushed them all down the toilet. She hasn't spoken to me in over a day and we live in the same house! :unsure::(

I'm sure there are other people surrounded by negative people bringing them further down, or controlling them...tell me your stories?



Yes, I have very similar problems. A lot of people don't get on with their parents but I know how tough it can get when there is deliberate maliciousness involved. When I go and see them I just bite my lip when attacked and stay polite, it gets easier over time. Sometimes I get so frustrated and upset when I'm with them that I go very quiet for a while (or escape to the loo for a bit of a sob) but I manage, and I like to have contact with my brothers. I know it must be a lot harder whilst living with her but just do what you can. Maybe if possible you could think about moving out in the next year or so.
Make your own decisions despite what your mum says, she can't make you pick options that you wouldn't pick yourself. At the end of the day, it's your life, and if you're doing the basic things agreed whilst living with her (washing up, living costs if you pay them, or whatever) then you are doing everything on your side of things. You don't owe her anything else and what goes on outside the house is your business.

Good luck and really hope things get better.



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Feb 10, 2010
A city in a country.
My dad can be quite harsh,
he puts me down a lot and it's a very rare occasion if i get praise.

In his eyes i am 'a bum student who isn't doing anything with herself.'
I have been searching for a part time job since September buh that doesn't mean anything.
I left full time employment to go back to college to make a life for myself, which meant the rent i was paying him was gone so now he's just horrible about it :/

My sister thinks he's jealous, i'm doing something with my life & so did my sister but my Dad works in a driving job that he hates, he is 51 and he has never been on holiday in this country or another.

As much as i appreciate what he's done for me, like working 60-70 hour weeks, that doesn't mean i should be put down. I love my dad i just wish he would realise how much he hurts me when he says things like that.
He should be proud i want to be a nurse and help others?

I think you should look into moving out as soon as you can, i'm taking a gap year before i start university and moving away down south.

Hope you are okayyy x

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