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Do you have any unusual phobias?



Jan 6, 2019
I have the usual phobia of heights which is pretty common, but I have an unusual phobia of feet. I can’t stand them! I cannot look at them let alone touch them. Shoe shopping is a nightmare with me. If someone puts their foot too close to me, I will get really panicky and upset. I can’t even stand my own feet.
O.m.g. you could never tolerate hearing about my lisfranc injury then! 😁


Well-known member
Mar 22, 2019
South Korea
I have gamophobia, fear of marriage. I want a person who want a gentle person, but I don't think I'm capable of doing handling marriage. Let alone, I'm scared that no one will be gentle. Some people say gentle people can have vicious tempers, and others say they all short-tempered. No matter what I would do, me, the everyone around me, fear that it would end up badly.
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