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Do You Ever Miss Being Paranoid?


Mr. T

Nov 10, 2009
Its odd because paranoia made me think i was a really important person and majorly important. I had to be, why else would all these people be trying to kill me? I thought i was in hell, quite literally before i went on resperidol. I started hearing the voice of the devil and seeing various apparitions including the rather sinister donnie darko rabbit FRANK levetating outside the car. Not even Joking.:evil: oddly not scary though cause i kind of built up a relationship with them and then the voices started being nicer, i really missed them by the time the drugs took them away. lol


I've been on meds for year and a half and have more paranoia through anxiety when I'm unwell. (I'm not too stable at the mo though). Not hallucinations (I don't think??!!) just people gonna come up behind me, or stalking me or staring.
Its worse with loads of people on mobile phones I think they're all talking about me.
I'm in phase at the moment where I wont go out. Can't go to work. Again. Feel useless.
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